August 15, 2011

weekend update

These past few weeks have been quite insane, and our weekend was no exception.  I am happy to say we've been super busy with our eReader cases (seen here), they have been such a huge hit!  With all the scrambling about saving the perfect books to transform into our cases, this weekend was a well deserved break.  My sister and I had quiet a few things planned, thankfully the weather here has been consistently 95ish degrees, and though we're still adjusting to the bold Sacramento weather (compared to the San Francisco, Bay Area weather we grew up in), we were able to brave through it and jam-pack our two days off with a couple of outdoor fairs and a few indoor goodies.  We topped of our weekend with our favorite must do Sunday activity, the wonderful Sacramento farmer's market!  An absolute must for all of our week's supply of fruits and vegetables.  Following are a handful of our favorite snapshots from this weekend...

{Sacramento VegFest 2011 - My Hunny and I showing off our pearly whites.}

{Japanese Bazaar - Crazy hot and crowded!}

{Juicing prep - Just some of my haul from the Sunday farmer's market.}

{dinosaur kale - Love it!  It's so good, from juicing to homemade kale chips or salads.}

{organic blueberry oatmeal scones - Fresh out of the oven, recipe to come}

{Korokke - Fried potato croquet from the Japanese Bazaar; so yummy with Tonkatsu sauce}

{homemade veg juice - Beets, apples, celery, spinach, kale, carrots, and ginger;  tastes so good and so good for you!}

{herb broiled chicken breast and apples salad with bacon, tomato and better-than-mayo Veganaise spread, then topped off with my home sprouted mix of alfalfa, mung bean, radish and clover sprouts - A sandwich specially put together for my Hunny, hence the all-american white bread}

I must say that one of my favorite parts was going to VegFest; though it was less then what I had expected, it was still worth it to see the look of wonder come across my Hunny's face when he took his first bit of vegetarian/vegan chicken nugget.  In short, he was amazed and with that one look he made the trip completely worth it.  Another favorite part would have to be this Sunday's farmer's market, I mean, do you see those beets?  They're absolutely gorgeous!  And they smell so good too, I can't get over them.

So there you go!  Our whirlwind weekend in a very large nutshell.  Pray tell, what was the favorite part of your weekend?  -Marcela

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