August 31, 2011

now and then

The fashions of yesterday never really disappear.  Classic fashions that we love: feminine blouses with a touch of masculine body, the simple and yet bold pencil skirt, and a statement purse.

Below we have three wallet friendly comparisons for the Fall 2011 season.  The best part?  The added personality that naturally comes with each vintage piece.  Every one has that little bit of something special that makes it stand our from the rest.  Wear the sassier version of this season's trends for less!

{Elizabeth and James, $325 -vs- vintage 1980's pleated billowy blouse, $24}

{Stella McCartney, red corduroy skirt, $349 -vs- vintage Weathervane linen pencil skirt, $34}

{Chloe bay, $2,295 -vs- vintage 1980's grey snakeskin clutch, $142}

All vintage items available now at our vintage shop.

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