May 24, 2011

hurrah! moment: Whole Living magazine & shop update

{June 2011 issue}

We have some great news to share!  A couple months back we received an email informing us that Martha's people (that's right folks, Martha as in Stewart, eek!) were interested in including our dryer balls in one of their Whole Living magazine issues (for those that may not know, Whole Living is Martha Stewart's green magazine).  They were curious about our Wool Dryer Balls (very exciting).  So we sent them a bunch of sets as requested to take pretty pretty pictures and started the waiting game.  

{page 24}

We waited and waited and waited and alas, just two days ago we received an email from someone who had found us in Whole Living!  We rushed to the nearest bookstore and started meticulously searching the shelves and pages for any signs of Ela's Idea... we didn't find us.  But we started hearing from more and more people inquiring about our Dryer Balls so we had to be in the pages somewhere!  Well, here we are two days later and as I was on my way home I saw a bookstore and thought, "What the heck, it doesn't hurt to look again."  Low and behold, the new June issue was fresh out on the shelves.  I started flipping through the pages and right there on page 24, our beautiful Wool Dryer Balls!  Now everyone say it with me, HURRAH!

{page 24 - "We Tried It", our 100% re-purposed Wool Dryer Balls}

Long story short, go out to your local bookstore, walk to the magazine section, pick up the new June 2011 issue and flip to page 24.  There we are!  Right at the bottom of the page are our beautiful wool dryer balls right under "We Tried It"; they tried it!  Yes, it's a small feature, but to my sister and I and our whole family in fact, it is a heck of a BIG deal!  It might as well have been a full page feature.  Ready for another lovely bit of good news?  Our dryer balls are selling like hotcakes!  HURRAH!  Oh how I enjoy these wonderful HURRAH! moments.  All in all, I have to say it has been quite a lovely day.

{shop update:  our new collection of Decorative Wool Dryer Balls}

Don't forget, click here to check out our Dryer Balls! (We're posting more sets all week!).  If you're curious about our process and how we go about creating these lovelies, click here.  -Marcela

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