March 26, 2011

hurrah! moment: Urban Farm magazine

{May/June 2011 issue}

Earlier this week we received in the mail, a complimentary copy of "Urban Farm" magazine's upcoming May/June 2011 issue.  On page 20 is the Curbside Tools column and in this issue the topic is, "Green Laundry".  It's a wonderful informative article with suggestions on how to jump start yourself to a more sustainable way of living, by starting with greening your laundry.  As you read through on page 28 you will find a picture of our Wool Dryer Balls! (pause for HURRAH! moment)  This being our first ever print magazine mention, we are uber excited!  If you happen to be in the bookstore check out the magazine stand and pickup a copy, or go to their website, they have great articles on sustainable city living, as stated on their cover.

{page 28 - pictured our handmade wool dryer balls}

Click here to check out our Wool Dyer Balls.

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